Vacuum Pump

Oil Rotary Pump, Dry Pump, Water Ring Pump, Booster Pump, Diffusion Pump

Vacuum System

Exhaust Vacuum System, Leak Test Machine, Vacuum Pump Performance Assessment System, High Vacuum Test & Calibration System, Glove box

Vacuum Components

Gauge, Oil, Vacuum Fitting, Angle Valve, Gate Valve, ISO Flange, CF Flange

Company Vision

“VACSCO” the new name of the company known as “Woosung Vaccuum” was founded in April 1991. It is based industries vacuum-related product development and specialized in producing and selling vacuum domestic and abroad. Government-funded projects in R & D activities, and to establish the IT / semiconductor / display vacuum-based technology of high-tech industries due to the associated activities of research institutes and universities, the vacuum total companies that foster and develop cutting-edge science as an Inno-biz venture company. It also has a vacuum pump and a vacuum system able to respond to vacuum the entire area with continuous research and development for the domestic industry as a flagship vacuum.


VACSCO.CO. LTD. creates value for customers with the best technology.

Vacuum Total Company produces and sells the products and
develop vacuum parts industry to foster the development of industries based on advanced science!!


We sell and produce Roots/Screw dry pump, Booster pump etc. for semiconductor as a main production item. In addition we also sell and produce Oil rotary pump, Piston pump, water ring pump, and Diffusion pump etc.. We’re going to proceed with the sale and export abroad to the field of research institutions through the development of high-tech and aerospace industries, R & D. We also sell one of the main export products that are He Leak Test Machine. Our company is a professional vacuum company that supply, develop, produce and sell for the full range of vacuum pumps, vacuum systems and vacuum components ranging from the ultra-high vacuum low vacuum.







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